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These things come in cycles. There are rhythms to life; seasons. Every year my winter-spring months are characterized by a restless, feverish desire for motion, for the new. Spring fever, even though it's not yet March. It's a good feeling, triggered by beautiful, expansive skies and sunsets. The last few years this time has been marked by new relationships, new hobbies, new passions - I wonder what this year will hold for me.

Indeed, I'm wondering what prospects 2022 has for me in general. College, hopefully, but what does that entail? A wild ride in California? A realistic transition to adulthood in Massachusetts? Or something altogether unexpected? The future is clouded, always, but it's spiderweb of timelines are especially difficult to untangle at this nexus. All the possibilities are good, though - I'm excited to see what happens next.

Going to Florida for February break! Very excited. The first time I've flown by myself; I think it will be fun. Looking forward to renting a surfboard and surfing!

That's all I've got for now, folks. --Skyler