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Beginnings! Or, rather, re-beginnings. Intentions. Aspirations.

I don't really know what to say here. I'm excited to begin writing again, I suppose. I lost all the posts from my old blog in a series of clerical errors (mostly involving very poorly designed infrastructure and the fact that I do sysadmin work at 1:00 AM when extremely sleep deprived). Sad! I know. But we're letting it go and moving on. The important thought, however, is thus: Before I accidentally overwrote the posts, I was looking back through them and was struck by how lovely it was to have a window back into my thought process then. Our past is constantly shaped by our present, as much as our present is shaped by our past, and it's interesting to see snapshots of what was going on in my mind at the time. I hope to continue writing with enough consistency to have something meaningful to look back on, a serious log of what's been going on. We'll see!

In other news, site design choices! I've realized that the less strict a system is the more likely I am to maintain it, so I've implemented something that allows me to more or less just dump files in folders on the server and have them show up on the web page. I'm pretty happy about that. Still trying to decide if it's a horrible idea to use decoded spaces in urls, but that's just a stylistic decision. Also, I'm planning to put updates on projects, as well as other things I'm up to, on the main site. We'll see how that goes as well. I think (hope) that this website will, eventually, become as wide-spread, varied, and diverse as my interests; that it will become a map of the things that I'm into and the activities I do. I think that, as a totality, that would be interesting. I like putting incongrous things next to each other.

That's all for now. This post is a bit of a mess, as it's a bunch of thoughts with almost no explanation. Thanks for bearing with me!

See you in the next one,